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Salt: A Global Community: From MinZu, China to Athens, Greece

We first met online, during the International Conference “Salt of the Earth: Orthodoxy and Otherness in the Modern World” organized by the Journal Salt, Crossroads of Religion and Culture and the Dean’s Office at the Theological Faculty of the National an Kapodistrian University of Athens in November 2022.
This was a significant sign on Salt’s outreach and relevance to today’s global matters. There was a follow up, in February 2023, when Professor Bin You and his wife Assoc. Prof. Jiao Yuqin from the Minzu University of China visited Athens and the Theological Faculty of the NKUA.
Prof. Jiao Yuqin is teaching at the School of Chinese Ethnic Minority Languages and Literatures at the MinZu University, and Prof. Bin You is the Director of the School of Philosophy and Religious Studies, at the MinZu University Of China, and an eminent scholar very highly esteemed by the chinese government as well, because of his work and expertise in Cross-cultural theology with regard to the ethnic minorities in China.
Sharing a lot of common interests in Missiology, Global Christianity and Cross-cultural Theology we hope this will be the start of a fruitful collaboration between the two schools in the near future.
The picture is taken in the Dean’s headquarters, with Dr. Evi Voulgaraki, the editor in Chief of Salt, Crossroads of Religion and Culture!
Thank you Prof. Bin You, thank you Prof. Jiao Yuqin!

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