An Orthodox Journal of Cross-Cultural Theology, Dialogue and Mission

Missiological News

Salt: Crossroads of Religion and Culture: 1 (2022): 358-367
Keywords: Missiology, World Christianity, Missiology Journal, IΟΤΑ, NKUA, CIVIS, Missiological Studies
  • Orthodox Mission in the Contemporary World: Online Autumn Webinar Series 2021
  • IOTA Missiology Webinars 2021
  • Remembering the Vanguard, Opening New Paths: A New Association for Missiological Studies
  • Athenian Dodecalogues (on Missiology, Interfaith and Intercultural Studies)
  • IOTA Mega-Conference Dedicated on Mission
  • Graduate Studies in Philosophy of Religion and Missiology at the NKUA, Department of Social Theology and the Study of Religion: (A Four Semester Course in Greek)
  • NKUA-CIVIS: Religion and power in the Eastern Mediterranean in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages