An Orthodox Journal of Cross-Cultural Theology, Dialogue and Mission

Prof. Andrew Sharp


Member of the Advisory Board

Associate Professor of Theology, Doctor of Ministry Program, South University

“More than ever, we live in an interdependent world. Increasingly, the actions of those in one area (even those of one individual) have ramifications on the other side of the globe. The great political, economic, technological, and social changes over the past few hundred years have given rise to a whole new set of dilemmas and seemingly mundane questions require informed reflection from a variety of cultural, religious, historical, and methodological perspectives. Orthodox theology has much to offer in this area and a number of our theologians and church leaders have already made important contributions in the ecumenical arena. It has been heartening to see a new generation of scholars rediscovering and articulating in fresh and creative ways an Orthodox understanding of missiology, interreligious dialogue, cross-cultural encounter, and multidisciplinary engagement. This effort must continue and increase in the years to come, if Orthodoxy is to remain relevant to the younger generation (Gen Z) and to provide, alongside the leaders of other World Religions, potential answers to the most challenging problems of our age.”

Andrew M. Sharp (PhD, University of Birmingham, 2010) is Associate Professor of Theology at South University and Affiliate Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he has taught courses on theology, ministry, Islam, Muslim-Christian relations, global ethics, and world religions. He is author of Orthodox Christians and Islam in the Postmodern Age (Brill, 2012) – released also in a Turkish language edition (2016) by Tekin Publications – and several chapters and articles on Islam, Eastern Christianity, and Muslim-Christian relations. His current book project is about perspectives of key Muslim and Orthodox leaders in debates surrounding climate change.