An Orthodox Journal of Cross-Cultural Theology, Dialogue and Mission

Dr. Niki Tsironi


Member of the Advisory Board

Institute for Historical Research | National Hellenic Research Foundation, Associate in Byzantine Studies – Centre for Hellenic Studies | Harvard University, Washington D.C. and Adjunct Professor in Byzantine Studies – Simon Fraser University | Vancouver CA

“Intercultural dialogue can be observed and achieved even within the Western world where diverse approaches to Christianity developed. The impact of the Russian Diaspora in Western Europe and the States is a telling example illustrating the positive influence of intercultural dialogue for all the sides participating in it. Salt offers us the opportunity to establish a promising ‘dialogue on the dialogue’ and to approach various issues pertaining to the meeting of “the other”, no matter whether it is a person, a culture or a language.”

Niki Tsironi is Byzantinist at the Institute for Historical Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation, a fellow in Byzantine Studies at the Centre for Hellenic Studies of Harvard University and adjunct professor of Byzantine Studies at the Stavros Niarchos Centre for Hellenic Studies of Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. She is a member of the Association Pierre Belon of the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Paris and a member of the editorial board of the Cahiers Balkaniques. She has received her PhD supervised by Dame Averil Cameron from the University of London. She is president of the cultural society Ainos which also functions as the Athens Bureau of the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius, based in Oxford. Her research interests focus on the Virgin, the history of the book as text and object and performance in Late Antiquity, Byzantium and Beyond. She has published extensively on the above-mentioned topics and she is directing respective research projects at the NHRF in cooperation with the Simon Fraser University and the Classics Faculty of the University of Oxford. She is organising conferences, exhibitions and cultural trips for the promotion of scholarly research in modern society and she has recently founded the Marie Blanche Library in Neos Voutzas.