An Orthodox Journal of Cross-Cultural Theology, Dialogue and Mission

Dr. Christine Mangala Frost


Member of the Advisory Board

Research Associate, Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge

“A Journal devoted to Missiology, which sets out to offer a wide-range of possibilities for Christian witness to a world craving for spiritual oxygen, is most welcome.  As Philip said to Nathaniel, we too should be able to say to any inquirer, “Come and See” (John 1:46); a respectful, friendly invitation to ‘meet’ Christ and discover for themselves what he offers and decide in freedom. I believe that nuanced Inter-faith dialogue, conducted with charity and clarity, is vital to Christian witnessing in a world where countless, alternatives compete for allegiance. Effective dialogue is demanding in the sense that it requires patience, humility and love: one has to set aside preconceived notions, unconscious or conscious prejudice, and, above all fear of the dialogue partner. In certain contexts, witnessing is risky, dangerous, and at all times, Christ’s call to believe in Him as fully Divine and fully human, is a challenge both for Christians as well as non-Christians. This aptly named journal Salt offers a chance to chart new, creative ways of acting as ‘Ambassadors of Christ’ (St. Paul’s wonderful view of our role)); to men and women of all faiths or none, bearing in mind that we proclaim that we are all  ‘made in the image of God’ ‘ and our Triune God loves us all.”

Christine Mangala Frost, B.A. Hons. (Delhi), MA (Osmania), PhD (Cantab), is a Research Associate, guest lecturer for the IOCS. A member and former Director of the IOCS, she has served on the organizing committee of The Way, as contributor and editor of the box-set of videos and DVDs of this internationally adopted programme for teaching the Orthodox faith. A convert from Hinduism, her writings, lectures and broadcasts explore inter-faith issues. Her work on yoga led to the publication of a handy booklet entitled An Orthodox Posture on Yoga (Conciliar press, 2012). Her lifelong experience of ‘being Hindu and becoming Orthodox’ has found fruition in her book, The Human Icon: A Comparative Study of Hindu and Orthodox Christian Beliefs (James Clarke: Cambridge, 2017), commended by reviewers as a major contribution to inter-faith dialogue.

Work in Progress: Speaking for Allah: Christian- Muslim debates, with special focus on Arabic Christianity.

As Christine Mangala, she has published three novels, The Firewalkers (shortlisted for the Deo-Gloria Award and the Commonwealth First Book prize, 1992); Transcendental Pastimes; and Looking for a Kingdom. Her fourth novel, Shalimar Gardens, a thriller exploring Hindu Muslim extremism, is due to be released soon.