An Orthodox Journal of Cross-Cultural Theology, Dialogue and Mission

Dr. Alison Ruth Kolosova


Member of the Editorial Board | Co chair of the Missiology Group of IOTA

Tartu University (Tartu, Estonia)

“The Church is called to witness to God’s salvific presence and action in the world through the inculturation of the apostolic faith in local contexts.  There is a pressing need for a journal where reflection on the missionary dimension of the Orthodox Church in the contemporary world can take place alongside a re-articulation of her missionary heritage throughout history.  We need to promote a vision of a Church which exists not for itself, but for the life of the world.”

Dr. Alison Ruth Kolosova studied Russian and French in the Department of Foreign Languages, Durham University, UK and then trained as a translator and interpreter at the University of Bath.  Since 1996 she has lived in the Chuvash Republic, Russia where she has worked as a teacher, choir director and catechist in the Russian Orthodox Church.  She studied Theology at the St Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute in Paris, before continuing her doctoral studies at Durham University under Professor Fr Andrew Louth.  Her PhD thesis focused on Nikolai Il`minskii and the influence of Russian Orthodox mission on the culture and national identity of the Turkic and Finno-Ugric peoples of the Mid-Volga region in the late 19th -early 20th centuries.   She is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Ethnology at the Institute of Cultural Research, University of Tartu, Estonia.  She co-chairs the Missiology Group of the International Orthodox Theological Association and is a member of the Europe Governing Board of the International Association for Mission Studies.